Why are we paying $23,859 more, than we paid Cathedral place Caretaking for less service ???

Archers and Body Corporate Services emails to substantiate these figures to follow in next email.

We are paying $23,859 more for Caretaking/ Security than we did before and we are getting less for our money.


With Cathedral Place Caretaking we paid $70,230a year in total. This included 24 hrs. 7 days a week Caretaking 6 pm -6 am Security 7 days a week – 365 days a year.

This company never charged any BUP for extra work including the H Block fire, Place mulch on the Gardens, painting inside of BUP walls, touch ups, cleaning outside of the CBC Cleaners Hours (all of these things the Ausgreenland either don’t do or get someone else to do and then charge us)

Cathedral place Caretaking Staff:

Staff of 6 Full time Staff and 1 Casual Staff Member and 6 pm -6 am 7 days a week and NO CALL OUT FEE’S ever

Gardener : fully Qualified               Luke

Groundsman                                 Cardo

Admin /Office Person                     Grace

Facility / Caretaker                       Todd

Weekend Caretaker                      Barry

Maintenance                                Michael

/ A/H Cleaning                             Pushy

Security                                       Red Dawn

Yes all this included in my     $ 70230,00


With Ausgreenland we pay $68,575 a year (figures supplied from ARCHERS Body Corp) and we get    9 am -5pmMonday –Friday  .      No Security Provided or paid for by Ausgreenland ( PLUS they charge a fee for After Hours call outs)

Our share of the security Provided by the CBC and then charged to every BUP is supplied by Damian (chairman of B & C body corporate and representative of CBC)and he  voted his company Green Fleece  Pty Ltd to undertake security for cathedral place  and is charging us $3773,00 per week (as invoiced to BCS) plus Public holidays add 2 more weeks so $3773.00 x 54 weeks – total $182,142.Then $182,142.00is divided by 514 units = $354,36 per owner then times it by   72 units   = $23,859 extra charge for B & C Owners


The total for Caretaking and Security by Ausgreenland and Green Fleece   is $94,089 AND THE MAINTENANCE  AND AFTER HOURS CLEANING AND CALL OUTS ARE EXTRA AGAIN

And the previous Caretaker total price was $68,575 and Ausgreenland and Green Fleece total is$94,089 then we are being charged $23,859more for much less of a service thanbefore.           

Ausgreenland have 2 full Time employees and an office lady:

  Patrick                                         Caretaker

   Leon                                            Caretaker

 Office Lady who works for both the Rental Office (Cathleen Chan) and Ausgreenland

We are getting fewer services and paying more than we did before.    When Damian Motion Stated that it wouldn’t cost any more money the Cathedral Place Caretaking did well we can see that didn’t happen

This arrangement will become permanent if we don’t do something about this  

Randal will remove our building’s right to spend its own money.

This control will be shifted to the CBC by signing an agreement to transfer these powers to the CBC. Once this happens 4 people will decide who and how much will be paid for caretaking and security. YOU WILL HAVE NO RIGHTS AND NO VOTE. Just like what has happened with Ausgreenland appointment

Impossible????? Well no…. If you go back in the minutes of the CBC you will find that Randal Edwards and Tony Rich voted to impose Star Building services as caretaker for the Cathedral Place. This disastrous arrangement cost us $250,000 to get out of and much more time and effort to fix the mistakes.

Randal Edwards now wants to do it all again.

Please help me stop him. I will be contacting you in the near future to ask for your help. If you don’t have an opinion, please write to Archers Body Corporate and tell them to remove any proxies that you may have given in the past.

The email address is    toddraumer@icloud.com

If you don’t want me to contact you please reply to this email DO NOT CONTACT ME. I will respect your wishes

Yours Truthfully

Todd Raumer

Owner C37





This is what Randal has put to the CBC Meeting so you tell me what you think he’s up ??????



Distribution of Costs to BUP’s for Services provided by the CBC

A Discussion & Information Paper by Randall Edwards

3 May 2014


This paper is not intended to be a legal paper of any kind, but rather to present specific information related to the relationship between the CBC and the BUP’s within Cathedral Place.  The Fischer Report (2007) has been used as the basis for arguments re determining the distribution of costs to by the CBC to

the various BUP’s on numerous occasions to argue that the CBC cannot charge BUP’s for services provided unless there is an agreement in place with those BUP’s. However, recent decisions by the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management may provide the basis for

challenging such arguments.  Below is a summary of these decisions and a statement of possible implications.


1). Caretaking:  The CBC appears to be able to contract Caretaking for the entire complex, including the BUP’s and then levy the BUP’s for the costs of such services.  Any BUP that decides not to use these services would still be levied by the CBC for the costs incurred by the CBC.  Any individual BUP has the right to refuse the services but not to refuse payment.


            2).  Security:  The same principle would apply here as well.


            3).  Painting/washing of buildings:  The same principle would apply here.


            4).  Lift Maintenance:                 


            5).  Cleaning:  If separate from the Caretaking contract.


            6).  Electricity:                


            7).  Fire Compliance/Fire Safety:     


            7).  Various other services provided by the CBC wherein the CBC enters into agreement with service contractors for the entire complex.


This also has significant implications for the discussions between the CBC and the Village (CVBC), as much of the dispute over past levies relates to the issuing of levies for services provided to BUP’s where a service contractor has been engaged without an agreement with the CVBC, or, for that matter, without an agreement with any BUP.

This paper has been prepared for information and discussion purposes only.  It does not propose a particular way forward in terms of the financial relationships between the CBC and the various BUP’s, but it does indicate that the CBC has much more power to levy BUP’s than previously understood.


Randall Edwards

Chairperson, CBC