Things We Achieved

GHD Report  was overturned

Pool & Spa


Pool Renovations

Pool renovations have been completed at minimal cost and disruption to residents; and CPC supervised the following jack hammering of old surface and bedding, drainage of pools, relining of pool surfaces, from brown to blue, replace existing lighting with LED energy efficient lights, remove rusted and hazardous spa awning, re tiled both water tile bends, re filled pools & spa.

Pool Regulation QLD

We did the pool to the new regulation standards – estimated $18 – $20k by 2 different companies – we completed for under $2000, over a 2 week period – then received our compliance certificate

Pool Maintenance

$255.00 pw – The contract was terminated as previous pool company was not testing the pool on a regular basis, equipment was not maintained, (e.g. Pool timers, filtration system; more chemicals were being used, as equipment was not functioning at its optimum).  When previous pool company provided quotes to repair, they were too expensive.  CPC found alternate quotes a lot cheaper.

Since taking over and removing previous pool company, chemicals used are a 1/3rd of previous use, pool is now running 10 hours a day, not 24 hours as previous.

Filtration System

Previous pool company quoted $20k to repair the filtration system at the G/H Block end (not working), and CPC fixed it for approx. $3k – Saving – Repairs – Approx. $17,000.00– filtration system



Suggested quotes were up to $100k. But mulching was completed by CPC at the cost of approx. $7500.00 – Saving  over $90,000.00

Sprinkler system

SBMS spent $30,000 to repair a 3rd of the system, CPC spent 20 hours (staff hours) and $200 ($1260.00) to repair the last 2/3rds of the system – Saving $28,740.00

LED Lighting

All the Corridores of the complex is now fitted with 5W LED lights saving $100 a day

Emergency Lighting

This was sourced and replaced at a heavily reduced price, for newer technology (eg. LED), than what quote was obtained previously by SBMS.

Fire Compliance


Fire Board

We are in the process of fixing the fire board at a heavily reduced price then previously quoted to SBMS.

Fire Sprinkler System

We have upgraded the system and saved money on monthly inspections, not weekly as it was previous.

Exhaust System Fitted

We have had the exhaust system fitted on a diesel generator.

Exhaust Fan Room

Had not been serviced in 2 ½ years, there were burnt our motors, bearings never serviced.


Security cameras updated to a working quality standard