Move In/Out


Contact Caretaker’s Office between Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm via

This will enable you to organise the date and time. (Date & Time is subject to availability due to limited availability of parking options. So please ensure you contact Caretaking Office as your earliest convenience)

   On the day of Moving…

    • Ring Caretaker on 0447 023 085 during Office Hours or Ring Security on 0402 619 637 during After Hours, 30 minutes before arrival. (This gives caretaker time to make sure your parking space is available)
    • Upon your arrival, again ring Caretaker on 0447 023 085 during Office Hours or Ring Security on 0402 619 637 during After Hours. They will assist you with parking and show you the easiest route to move your belongings.


Caretaker has ONLY 2 parking spaces available which suitable for moving vehicles. Any truck, ute, van 4×4 or trailer is NOT allowed to park in main drive way, for any purpose, what so ever.

    • H Block Bin Room Loading Bay (This Space is suitable for D,E.F, G & H Move In/Outs. But this space is NOT available Mon-Fri 8am-12.30pm. These times are reserved for Brisbane City Council Refuse Trucks)
    • Loading bay besides Caretaker’s Office (This Space is suitable for A,B & C Move In/Outs. But strictly subject to availability)

   Moving Vehicles

Cathedral Place Body Corporate has strict policies on which vehicles enters the promises. Caretaker has the authority to deny unsuitable vehicles entering the premises. 

    • Pantech truck which are NOT higher than 3.8.m are Recommended. (3.8m Height Restrictions Apply in all loading bays)
    • Container trucks NOT not allowed in the promises.
    • Utes, Vans and 4×4 are NOT allowed to park in designated gray areas in residential carpark, during any moving process. If they are not using allocated car space, they have to contact caretaking office to organise parking.

   General Guild lines

    • You have to move your furniture straight from vehicle to unit or vise versa. You can NOT move stuff half way from vehicle or unit and then go the rest of the way afterwards.
    • You can NOT block any main Entrance Doorways, Fire Exits or Lifts for any reason. This is very important.
    • You can NOT obstruct any corridors, foyers, drive ways or driving lanes of the residential car park. 
    • You can NOT drag stuff along the tiled or carpeted floors.
    • No furniture, fridges, washing machines, trolleys are to be moved through the pathway area… All moving MUST be done through the car park area only!
    • You must to be extra careful not to damage hallway walls, light fittings, lifts or any other Cathedral Place property.
    • Do NOT leave any litter or rubbish along corridors.
    • You must keep the noise level to a very minimum, not to disturb your neighbours.
    • If you are leaving behind any furniture or white goods, you must take them to designated area in H Block bin room. (You can Not dump excessive amount of items or rubbish)
    • If you dumping boxes, you must break them and dump them ONLY in recycling bins (Bins with yellow lid) in each rubbish bin rooms.

   If you are…

Moved In…

Moved Out…
    • On behalf of CP Body Corporate, CP Caretaker would like to thank you for your corporation