New Residents

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Important Information For New Residents 

List Of Forms You May Require

WATTS Energy Connection Form
Important Information regarding Electricity Account
Origin New Connection Application for Hot Water
Swipe Order Form
Policy for Issue of Security Swipes
Fireband Internet Service Signup Form 

Resident Registration Form (Includes Key Registration)

Unit Position per Building 

Allocated Parking

Most of the Units have allocated parking spots. If you are a new owner or a tenant, your realtor, previous owner or landlord will provide  information on your allocated car space (Car space number and Car space Location).

Alternatively, if you are not provided with these information, please contact caretaker’s office via during business hours and you will be provided with relevant information.

Further, Unit number is NOT correspondent to the car space numbers, (Eg: Car Space 100 doesn’t necessarily belong to unit A100). Do not guess and park your car anywhere, which would result in your car getting towed.

Cathedral Place – Mud Map

Local Area – Fortitude Valley 4006

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