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QLD POLICE Fraud CIB Investigation into Fraud by  CBC Committee


QLD Police Investigations by the Brisbane City CIB into FRAUDE  by the CBC Chairman and Kathleen Chan and others in the Committee


To Confirm information please contact:  Pcsc  Danni McCann he can be contacted on Ph. 07 32582527 he would like to here if anyone has any information for him


Linked In Profile: R Edwards

Randal Edward’s Accomadation Quote


Why did the CBC approve to give the Temporary Accommodation to Kathleen Chan  the owner of  the onsite rental company (Cathedral Place Management)

When the 2 quotes that were Supplied for the tending were both sent from her office on her letter head and the 2nd quote was made to look like it was from Merriton  Apartments

In this Quote there is also EXTRA costs for Kathleen at CPM Cleaning the units, logistics, packing boxes tape.

These add up to Cleaning $36268.00  + Admin $83067.50 Total=  $1193355 + GST  = $1193355.50.  Then if it goes over 39 weeks its $15,000.00 per week extra in rent.

Were the other quote from Merriton is taken from there Weekly rate x 39 weeks and when I contacted Merriton the stated in a quote that cleaning is once a week at no extra charge and that there is no admin or extra charges

Randall Edwards as you can see by the attach above he is a Body Corporate Expert he also consults for Kathleen Chan (he admitted that) Is that not a MAJOR Conflict of interest.

Considering he has just given her a contract with a profit of $120,000.00 when what she is getting paid for is what she does for renting any unit that she rents DOUBLE Dipping…