Urgent Attention of All the Owners: You Must Read This!

Dear Fellow Owner

You would have recently received a notice of the annual general meeting for Duhig to be held on the 18th Feb 2013 at 5.30pm.

 I am writing to you as fellow lotholder in Cathedral Place and the current Caretaker, concerned about the motion that Randall Edwards has submitted for voting at that meeting.  This could substantially affect your living standards (if you are a resident), the value of your property or the rental amount you receive (if you are an investor)


When you vote on the Caretaking motion at the meeting you need to consider the following

1.   Are you happy with the state of the complex and Duhig overall?



 2.  Do you think that continual change in caretakers leads to sub-standard Caretaking through lack of continuity? 



 3.  Do you think that the state of the common areas affects the value of properties? 




 If you have answered YES to any or all of the above questions, please take a few minutes and complete the voting paper or proxy form then post or fax back to us as soon as possible.  The meeting is being held on the 18th February and every vote counts.  Randal Edwards has a significant number of proxy votes and the meeting has been called with short notice, so lotholders are not likely to be able to get to the meeting or return their votes before the meeting.

 You need to ask the people who are seeking your support or currently have your proxy vote-  what they will do if they have your vote.

 Do they support Randal Edwards and his motion.  Randal Edwards was appointed as a Duhig committee member at the last general meeting.  Prior to that he had been the chairman and representative to the Community Body Corporate.  The previous Caretakers, Eddie and Lorraine fought long and hard to stop Randall voting to change the Caretaking for Cathedral Place.  Unfortunately they were not successful.  Randal was instrumental in appointing Star Building services as Caretakers from 2007 to 2010.  This decision has cost the lot holders of Cathedral Place over $240,000 directly in costs to break the contract with Star and then further costs indirectly to rectify the damage that Star left behind.  For example, Randall approved a payment of some $23,000 to plumbers to fix 1/3 the sprinkler system, I have fixed the remaining 2/3 for under $1000. 

Each and every lotholder has had to pay for Randal’s decisions. This time his decisions will impact F block lot holders directly.  Randal’s past performance in the matter of appointing Caretakers speaks for itself. 

 You need to ask them how the motion that Randal has put forward for voting, which states –

“The costs of the temporary arrangements and tender process shall not exceed the costs which would have been incurred if the above contract had not been terminated.” will be achievable.


That cost is presently  $7,510.73 per Month or $90,848 a year approx

 At present there is 24 hour security, supervision of contractors on behalf of the BUP, minor maintenance is dealt with, emergency cleaning is attended to when the cleaning staff are not around, Fire alarmsemergency water leaks loss of powerlift problems and police issues to name a few.

How can Randal and the committee provide these services for the same cost of  $90,848 per year or less as he is proposing in his motion. The the cost of a 24 hr onsite security guard at  $32.50 per hour  @ 12hrs  @ 7 days is $141,960.00. Then a Caretaker /Handyman for 12 hours a day for 7 days, which would be  approximately  $130,000.00. Then also on top of this an office to work from , phone , computer, stationary and so on. Can  Randall please explain how you can do this for the same amount of money or less.

You need to ask them what will happen if his motion passes in the 5.30pm meeting, from 6.00pm that night what arrangements will be in place?? What is his plan for the period to the next AGM that he is seeking to control the Caretaking function. Who will deal with the Caretaking issues within F block.  Randal has no concept of how much this can affect the residents who live here.  Will this effect Randall?  I dont think so, he does not even live here to suffer the consequences of what he is proposing.  Can you call Randal if there is a problem that needs to be get it fixed?  Who will you call if there is a problem?  These are answer that need to be asked and also answered. 

Randal has attempted to discredit the current contract on the basis that  F block is paying for something that is not theirs.  He has missed the point totally of the Caretaking agreement.  I do not charge  Duhig for cleaning the pool. What does he think security is – it is a joint cost contributed to by all of the residential buildings? The village does not employ me nor would I work for them.  The Star contract (that Randal voted for) and the prior caretakers who (Randal voted against) had wording which was exactly the same, yet it was interpreted very differently and achieved very different outcomes. The lotholders decide if the contract is good or bad. Randal is trying to shift this power off the lotholders and to the committee. As a lotholder,  Randal has one vote in 84 (the same as you), in the committee he has one vote in 5 (you will not vote) 

It is simple as that, vote YES if you want Randal to decide the caretaker again or NO if you want the lotholders to decide and the current arrangement to continue.


My record stands for itself on the performance of the Caretaking function and I would ask that if you are happy with the general state of Duhig and Cathedral Place that you support me to ensure that it remains the same. PLEASE COMPLETE THE Proxy Form if you cannot complete the voting form or are in any way unsure.

On this website there are all the minutes of all the meetings Committee and Community Body Corporate if you would like to verify these statements for yourself. Please go to the heading NEWS, to see what my staff and I have achieved.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss any of these issues with lotholders and I would be only to happy to give you a ring if you have any questions.  I may be contacting you in the next day or so to speak to you about this important matter.


Yours truly,

Todd Raumer

Cathedral Place Caretaking


If you want your Investment/Home to be maintain the to the standard way it’s now compared to way it was before,

Please fill out following Proxy Form and/or Voting Paper and Send it me via admin@cpcaretaking.com.au or using following Contact Form. 

EGM Notice 18.02.2013
Proxy Form (PDF Format)
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Duhig EGM Voting Paper (PDF Format)
Duhig EGM Voting Paper (PDF Format – Editable) (Right Click > Save As > Fill)
Duhig EGM Voting Paper (Microsoft Word Format)