Cathedral Place By-Laws – Community Body Corporate 

Comprehensive Document – (To Download: Right Click > Save As)


Please ensure you read and understand the By-laws of Cathedral Place



For ALL Move Ins and Move Outs, Cathedral Place Caretakers must be notified in writing to , to allocate appropriate parking. Details to be provided include unit number, contact number and the date and time of the expected move. As there is limited parking available, it is essential you book in advance. Please also note, that we can only accommodate Pantech size trucks or smaller on the premises. NO large container trucks will be permitted.



Residents are only permitted to park in the car park allocated to their unit (if indeed one has been).Vehicles, can, and will be towed, if in the wrong car park. Residents are also advised that cars must be parked squarely in their space. No vehicle or bike is permitted to overhang the space.



Pool, Spa, Gym and BBQ’s are for Residents use only.  There is No Glass items permitted in this area.  Loud music is also not permitted. This area is opened at 6am and closed by 10pm, and residents are not permitted to access this area after that time, otherwise it will be considered a breach of Body Corporate By-laws.



Pushbikes are to be safely secured to the designated bike racks provided in the car park. They are not to be parked anywhere else around the car park. If the bike racks are full then please contact the Caretaker so an alternative can be found.



The number of security swipes available for issue to tenanted units will be limited to the number of tenants listed on the lease document, as required by the Residential Tenancies Act 1994. If renting, you must request additional swipes through your Property Manager who can lodge a swipe application form with our office.



Residents, their guests, servants or agents shall not make or permit any noise likely to interfere in anyway with the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of other residents, anytime of the day or night.



Residents are NOT permitted to hang anything from balconies or railings on balconies. Residents are also reminded to take precautions when watering plants on balcony to prevent excess water from flowing over onto other balconies. Please use a bucket instead of a hose and keep trays underneath pots. Likewise, when cleaning balcony, refrain from using a hose and instead use a mop and bucket.



Please be aware that the Caretaker’s Office offers a free service, whereby you can store a spare key that you have had cut, in the unfortunate event that you lock yourself out of your unit. Forms are available in our office for you to register, all that is required is a form of Identification and proof of address. If needed after hours, call 32525126 (24 hour number) and security will provide your spare key to you. Without access to a spare key, you will have to engage a locksmith at your own expense.



A local company is available for your internet needs.  They offer short term contracts to match your lease terms and connect within 48 hours.  Contact Cathedral Place Caretaking for an application form.



For all Caretaking (e.g. items with common areas or Security) please call the following number:  07 3252 5126 – 24 Hours