Pathway Redevelopment

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  2. October 15, 2012 6:00 am

  • Cathedral Place Foot Path Renovation and Redevelopment is currently under way
  • This project was approved by CPCBC on
  • However, the project has to be started on a such a short notice due to sudden opening of a availability of the contractors due to a cancellation of one of their projects.
  • Residents are asked to be aware of the dangers and health and safety risks of a construction site and asked to use the alternative routes, gates, entrances and exits as directed by the signs whilst the project is under way.
  • Stage 1 involved stripping and cutting the old paves using jack hammers, bob cats and heavy machineries.
  • Hence it’s inevitable of the dust, noise disturbance and walk way route alterations, to a certain extent. On behalf of Cathedral Place Community Body Corporate, Caretaker would like to apologise any inconvenience may cause to any of our residents.
  • We would be striving to minimise the dust, noise and inconvenience as much as possible, also to minimise any health and safety risks.
  • NOTE: Gym will be closed until further notice, due to difficulty of accessibility.
  • NOTE: Pool will be accessible through the gate in the A/B Blocks corner.
  • For Latest Photos of the Redevelopment Site Stage 1 & 2, Visit
  • Any Inquiries regarding the Pathway Re-development project, direct to

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