Letter from a Concerned Owner

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  2. March 16, 2013 9:00 am

Dear All,


It is SELF EVIDENT that if Todd Raumer is prepared to post ALL of the minutes of ALL BUP and CBC meetings on the cathedralplaceonline.com.au owners site (the ONLY easy access conduit for transparency relative to what is ‘going on’ for we absent Cathedral Place owners) and to do this service FREE OF CHARGE, then LET HIM – and further to this please ask yourself the question : what ‘bastardry’ or manipulative and covert intent would want to prevent this positive free service from happening?




EDWARDS track record is:


1. Edwards participated in, and succeeded until the recent court case, in the ‘grabbing’ of community property, the “visitors carpark”, for the ‘exclusive’ benefit of his collaborator friend John Gilliland and the Village BUP, when he (Edwards) was F block representative to the Cathedral Place CBC in 2003, and Gilliland was both the Village BUP, and the CBC chairman. (Minutes of these, and ALL CBC meetings are there to be read on the cathedralplaceonline.com.au site)

2. Edwards collaborated with Rich, and Gilliland to prevent the CBC from returning this community property (“the Visitors Car Park”) back to community use – by using their CBC representative votes to vote down EVERY motion that was put forward from 2003 to correct this until the recent court case. (Full Verdict- Plaint- and Defence is available to be read on the cathedralplaceonline.com.au site.

3. Edwards is deliberately misrepresenting the truth (LYING BY CUNNING OMISSION) regarding the legal costs incurred in the above Supreme Court Case and judgements concerning the community property ‘Visitors Car Park’ . THE CBC DID NOT DELIBERATELY INCUR THESE COSTS – THE ACTION WAS INITIATED BY ‘THE VILLAGE’ BUP – THEY SUED THE CBC. The simple facts are that the CBC was sued by the Village BUP (Gilliland) and their claim extended to the assertion that they had OWNERSHIP property rights over YOUR COMMUNITY PROPERTY-‘THE VISITORS CARPARK’. The CBC, under the leadership of Neil Fleming, had no option but to defend this attempted property ‘grab’ in the Supreme Court. The only other option was to give away this community property to the ‘grabbers’, and one can only guess what would come next – PERHAPS THE POOL AREA COMMUNITY PROPERTY?

4. Edwards collaborated with Gilliland and Rich, again in their capacities as BUP representatives to the CBC to prevent the recovery of monies underpaid from the ‘Village’, caused by a “nobbling” of the lot entitlements that determines levies. This “nobbling”was in favour of the ‘Village’ BUP and at the expense of the other five BUP’s (in other words WE OWNERS). Full recovery is a current court action and the amount of circa $600,000 that the ‘Village’ owes we owners in the other five BUP’s. Again read the minutes of meetings on cathedralplaceonline.com.au.

5. Edwards, Gilliland, and Rich collaborated to OUST Lorraine and Eddie Zunker as caretakers in circa 2009. Why? Eddie and Lorraine looked after my property since 1998, and did an excellent job. Rich and Edwards then did an underhanded ‘deal’ with “Star” without formal agreement from the CBC, and used a loophole to justify doing this. “Star” was a dismal and expensive failure and the complex was well on its way to becoming an unkempt and leaky ‘slum’. The fancy contract that Edwards endorsed (he seems to be fixated on pseudo-legal jargon) cost we owners about $220,000 to get out of, because what it amounted to was an open ended agreement for “Star” to ‘fleece’ us at will. (again minutes of meetings from this time are on cathedralplaceonline.com.au.


Please check out these facts for yourself, the minutes of CBC meetings were scanned by myself onto a thumb drive for the Supreme Court case, and this thumb drive was used to post to the cathedralplaceonline.com.au. I read each and every minute and that is why I am informed. I also attended every meeting that I could since 2008, and this is where I recognised that “much hanky-panky” was being played out at we owners expense.


To Quote Yogi Berrer – “This is déjà vu … all over again”


Gil Bick

Owner G Block

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