Farewell to a Dear Friend – BRIAN TREWEEK

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  2. August 3, 2013 7:42 am



  1. Sammie says:
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    I already miss our conversations we would have each morning, how you would ask the story behind each of my tattoos, I am sooooo glad that you ended up getting that ink you had always dreamed of such an inspiration and I have told all my friends how u were into your 70’s and went and got your first piece, (AND KEPT IT A SECRET FROM YOUR WIFE!) such a rebel! lol Wish we had more time to chat xxx I think of you everyday as I sit here in the car park, this place just isnt the same without you OC much love xxx


  2. user 1 admin says:
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    Dear Friends of Brian,

    We extend our deepest condolences to Brain’s dear wife and family.

    Please post your memories, thoughts and messages on this memorial page for Brian Trweek.

    Todd Raumer & Cathedral Place Caretaking Staff

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