Dishourned Checque

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  2. June 16, 2014 2:07 pm

Dishonoured cheque hand-point-090.ico

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Can someone please contact me regarding payment of this cheque as it is a criminal offence to obtain goods and services by payment of a cheque that becomes dishonoured The matter can be reported to the police for investigation.


Again I cannot understand why I cannot get paid for the work that I have done and reimbursements for Pool Supplies and Garden Mulch that I paid for over 6 MTh’s ago (over $4500) and the same people who are not paying me


for my completed services, are also the same people who ousted me from my contract her at cathedral Place, are the same people who are overpaying on a fortnightly payment for Caretaking and weekly for the security with will cost us the owners over $180,000.00 with are based on figures sourced from Archers Body Corporate for the BUP figures  for Caretaking figures and then Body Cooperate Services for the CBC caretaking and Security and also Car park  payment for collecting Money and also car Park Attendance personal (charged out at $75.00 an Hour)


Not only am I asking for an explanation for why this committee has cancelled a cheque that they issued to me I’m also asking for the resignation from the people who are manipulating the system hear by approving the payments to Ausgreenland and Green Fleece , and I also think the Archers Body Cooperate contract should be terminated for not abiding by the CODE OF CONDUCT of a Body Cooperate for allowing this to happen and also for making it so hard to collect information to prove all of these statements to be correct


Now just in case you don’t know who you are I will spell it out plain and clear :


Randall Edwards Duhig and CBC Chairman also B/C, D/E G/H Committee’s (Not voted in by the owners) because Douglas Jass was elected and then resigned for Randall to take over) trying to regain position in A Block.


King and Kathleen Chang (owners of Cathedral Place Management and Holders of all the proxies from owners of the units that she manages) Kathleen holds power in all committee’s and all the proxies.


Douglas Jass       Ex Chairman of CBC and Duhig still on Duhig and also B/C ,D/E and I think G/H


Alvin                   (Owner of Caretaking Company) and A Block Committee Member nominated as an Owner (but is a Non Owner) and it was pointed out to Grant at meeting and also I think D/E Committee


Tony Rich            Chairman of D/E


Damian Pretty     B/C Chairman and CBC committee Owner of Green Fleece Pty Ltd


Grant Misfud        Body Corporate Manager TERMINATE their Contract with all the BUP’S at Cathedral Place 41 Gotha Street Fortitude Valley Qld 4006 (for disregarding this and other item bought to their attention always stating that there is no code of conduct for them to follow and they only follow directions from the Chairman only, and that morals or what is best for the 514 owners don’t come into it.  They only follow the legislation and that was QUOTED by you Grant


Nicole Vowles      Body Cooperate Manager Oxford and Cambridge: Terminate Contract for breach of their contract with the owners of Oxford and Cambridge BUP at Cathedral Place  41 Gotha Street Fortitude Valley Qld



Now I have had enough I have done nothing wrong and to think that half a dozen people, can treat me and my company like this and get away with it is terrible but then to think that no one out there is doing anything to stop them, not only


are they Destroying Me and my Good Name but Cathedral place Complex as well


I want an answer on the Cancellation of the G/H cheque by 5 Pm today and hope that People Power will get your Resignation in the very near FURTHER of all off the other


Yours Honestly


Todd Raumer

Owner C37

Oxford and Cambridge


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